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You are a Warrior! You Are a Champion – you just need to persevere!

I was at this gym this morning, on the treadmill listening to my crazy mix tape of Josh Leventhal and Eminem and I got the “Nudge” to play a motivational video.

William Hollis – I CAN DO THIS

And there it was at 1:12 a line that punched me in the face.  I have said a similar thing to many people but this one at this moment hit me hard.

“Through all of the chaos and all the pain, God created a Warrior!”  

Anthony Robins has said that in order to get stronger it is not the 1st rep that makes an impact…it the final one.  The last one you are grunting and groaning and just barely complete that is where the growth is.

There is no growth in the in the comfort zone, you must step out of that space and into the space of Champions.

The difference between champions and 2nd place, between good and great is the perseverance to push yourself past the limit you thought you had.  What is that limit?  What area are you holding back in?




Whatever it is consider this your wake up call and your challenge to quit playing small and step into your greatness.  It WILL be hard…but it WILL be worth it.

If you need help let me know, and I will help in anyway I can.

Mr. Rowe

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