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Quest for MAGIC

We all strive to be better than we were yesterday. Even just half of a percent can compound to greatness! But what are some steps to make this MAGIC?

To Make A Greater Individual Commitment, we need the following things

A.I.R – Action, Intention, Responsibility

We as the person in control of our direction and the choices we make first we need to take ACTION. What type of action? Meditation is a great first step, search comfort in the goal or vision you have. If it does not make you excited it may not align with your core values. Then once you have made sure it aligns, then take INTENTIONAL steps every day towards the goal! Small things will make a big difference! Finally Take RESPONSIBILITY for the outcome. If it worked great!, If not get out of…

B.E.D – Blame Excuse Denial
So often when things work against us, we look to outside sources for reasons it did not work out. Someone else “dropped the ball” (BLAME), “Do you realize what I had to do? What I have had to over come?” (EXCUSE) “I did not really want it to happen anyway.” (DENIAL) All of these statements take away our strength, our power and control over our destiny.

It is as easy as
A – Ask – and it shall be given usually
B-Believe you deserve all good things
C-Command, act as if it has already happened.

As we work our MAGIC, we understand that sometimes we are the ambitious farmer sowing seed and that the harvest will be 25% of what we planted. We remember our WHY – why we got started, why we wanted this goal. Finally we repeat “If it is to be it is up to me.” Taking 100% responsibility for our wins and lessons. Not losses, because we never lose. We win or we learn!

Mind-set is everything!

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