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Motivation vs Discipline, Vision vs Goal Setting

The LeaderSHIFT in this thinking may sting. It did for me, when it was introduced to me. But like many things in life it is just information, what you do with it is up to you. If it makes sense and aligns with your core values, use it. If not it won’t hurt my feelings.

Motivation – is the idea of being inspired to take action. It is easy, takes very little effort. It can be music motivates you, a video, a book anything . Motivation has lead to great works of art, books and movements in health, and civil rights. It’s often short lived, and needs to be recharged.

Discipline – the ability to do something you need to regardless if you feel like it. Like many things it is a learned skill but it is HARD. Often you are forcing yourself to do something you don’t like or perceive as “bad”. Once you create the HABIT of self discipline it just becomes who you are, and those effects are long lasting. But did I mention it can be hard!

Motivation gets you going, discipline keeps you going to create a HABIT!

M + D = H

Vision – this is the ideal version of our life and ourselves. It is specific but NOT time restricted. It is also NOT bound by reality in that it is not you today, your life today…but rather a future version. This is the life you Aspire to live. Have you ever watched a movie, scary, sad and you just screamed or cried? That was your subconscious mind not being able to tell the difference between reality and made up.

Goal Setting – these are either short or long term benchmarks. Think of them as stones along the path to your VISION. What happens when you achieve them? How do you feel? Excited, accomplished, let down? What about if you don’t hit it? Let down, a sense of failure, motivated?

G1 + G2 + G3…= V

Conclusion – In order to live the life you envision for yourself, family or friends no one things is more important than the other. All pieces of the equation are inter linked. However, without the VISION, you lack the motivation to set the goals. Discipline is a tool to help us get past some low times until the next bump in motivation.

So what is your vision? Write it down, as if it has occurred and just believe it is happening! Then tomorrow, write it again…and again and again.

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